Granted Citizenship by Investment

Granted Citizenship by Investment | GCI - Global Citizenship Investment. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

There are three main options to access the right for second citizenship. Our company - TCME Group Worldwide - uses his vast experience and tremendous capital of knowledge to guide and advise our clients for the best option within their interest. We provide the most efficient and professional services for a fast and smooth application process together with special tailored investment plans. Share your dreams with us and we will make them to become a reality in the fastest time possible!

OPTION A - Establishing a Company

We can assure your hassle free dynamic for initiating a company and manage all your documents according to required en force rules and legislation in your desired country such as UK, USA, UAE, Serbia, Cyprus and many others. Our previous experience and all-inclusive services will display a wide range of possibilities and opportunities among your range of interest and benefit. We can provide custom made guidance through all official channels and even staff hiring for your future venture. This new business can easily lead to residency and citizenship for you and your entire family.

Option B - Real Estate Investment

If you consider that owning a second home will be a good option for you and to develop a property investment which will keep its money value for a long time, please take into consideration to purchase real estate premises in Antigua & Barbuda, St.Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Cyprus, Portugal or even Serbia. This act will qualify you for obtaining a second citizenship and passport and the achieved property will keep its market value in case you want to sell it or rent it.

TCME Group Worldwide is authorized by property brokers to ensure a proper investment at the best price in the market. You should enjoy your acquisition from your residence in the country of your choice, while TCME Group Worldwide will manage all the details and official procedures for you.

Option C  - Financial Contribution to special designated Funds

Obtaining a new citizenship by investing in that chosen country is simple and absolute legal.  The non-refundable contributions are directed to a national development trusted fund, capitalising some industrial sectors for supporting the economic developments. It can give a good feeling that you can contribute to a good cause for your adopted country and you can still choose your place of living. TCME Group Worldwide will guide you straight up through all necessary preparation and application process, till your new citizenship and passport will be issued. We guarantee the fastest waiting time frame and a total transparency of the entire conducted actions.

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